Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hoooot Slots


JagdJaguar Ausf G

Following the generations of tank destroyers produced by the German Army in WW2, the Jagdjaguar combines light weight composite armor with a high velocity gauss cannon. Because it lacks a turret it can have a lower silhouette and more sloped armor. It has a crew of 2. A commander and a driver. Much of the work of loading and spotting targets has been placed in the hands of computerized devices. The command can see in 360 via optical sensors that surround the tank. The drive has a "drive by wire" system that allows the assualt gun to be moved in ways that almost defies physics. Well small in size compared to normal main battle tanks. The Jagdjaguar packs much more punch.

Armament: High Velocity Gauss Canon
Armor: Nano Composite armor.
Powerplant: V-12 Fuel Cell Maybach HL520 P80[2]
800PS (1000 hp, 818 kW)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Art Center at last!

Alright, my fall term for Art Center Entertainment Design has finally started!!!! I'm so excited to be overworked and undernourish.  Bring on the all nighters!  I got a new Apple Macbook Pro and other things too.  I feel so mature now living on my own haha.  I got to make sure i take responsibility now.