Monday, October 27, 2008

Sparrow Scout Gunship

Human Scout Gunship "Sparrow"

Top Speed: 350 mph
Power plant: MA NML Electromagnetic engines
Power:Weight Ratio: 46 hp per ton

Armament: 2 Light weight high energy coil cannons
20 rockets

Carrying capacity 1 pilot and 4 soldiers.

The Sparrow is the main scout gunship of the Human forces. It has the most advance radar detection and target designation. It is used as a scout as well as a light transport for moving small squads around tactically. Its twin Coil cannons cause havoc to armored machines and the rockets can devastate an area of 250 yd. Light weight and extremely reliable. However it isn't very heavily armored and the troops carried from the back of the craft are exposed to small arms fire.

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