Monday, October 27, 2008

Raven Carrier Gunship

Human Interceptor Gunship "Raven"

Top Speed: 450mph
Power plant: 2 JMD Duo system engines
Power:Weight ratio: 55hp per ton

Armament: 1XGattling Gun
14X17' Rockets
2X Air to Air "fire and forget" missiles

Capacity: 1 Pilot and 4 soldiers

The Raven is a special gunship built for the sole purpose of fitting as much fire power into the smallest air frame possible. Normally seen inside the belly of the Command Ship, Ravens are used to protect the command ship as well as providing air support to troops unloading on the ground from the ship. They can also extract soldiers. The raven has the same radar system used in the Vulture is very comparable in firepower. The armor on a Raven is much lighter.

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