Monday, October 27, 2008

Fortress Command Ship

Human Command Ship "Fortress"

Top Speed: 376 mph
Power Plant: 16 PPG MegaWatt engines and 1 KMP Turbojet engine

Power:Weight Ratio: 35 hp per ton

Armament: 4XGattling Guns
1X40mm Chain Guns
1X105mm High Velocity Coil Howizter

Capacity: 1 pilot, 1 copilot, 2 radar officers, 10 gunners, 2 operation officers, 1 captain, 20 troops. 3 Raven Gunships or 390 tons

The Command ship Fortress is a hybrid of a command plane, a Specter Gunship, and a C5 Galaxy. It can carry loads up to 390 tons and carries 3 gunships for support. It can loiter over the battlefield and unleash a hailstorm of lead onto the unlucky crowd below. The armor on the Fortress is almost impenetrable even to armor piercing rounds. Defensive Counter measures such as flare and laser can defend the Fortress from missiles. However, the Fortress is very slow and although it has a high top speed, its acceleration is slow.

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