Monday, October 27, 2008

Vulture Heavy Gunship

Human Heavy Gunship "Vulture"

Top Speed: 365 mph
Power plant: 8 JDM 626 Electromagnetic engines
Power:Weight ratio: 35 hp per ton

Armament: 1X20mm Chain gun
2X30cal Auto Sentry MGs
34 17' rockets
2Xmultipurpose "fire and forget" missiles
2XGattling Guns
Capacity: 1 pilot and 1 gunner

The Vulture was originally developed to fight hordes of armored vehicles during the 3 world war. It was in this role that it was still placed during the conflict with the machines. Its chain gun can destroy soft skin targets and its rockets can eliminate hard armor targets. The unique feature this gunship has is the targeting system for the chain gun. Similar to that of the Apache gunship during the 20th century, the Vulture's gunner can simply look at the target and fire on it. The Vulture's armor is extremely resilient against small arms fire.

Sparrow Scout Gunship

Human Scout Gunship "Sparrow"

Top Speed: 350 mph
Power plant: MA NML Electromagnetic engines
Power:Weight Ratio: 46 hp per ton

Armament: 2 Light weight high energy coil cannons
20 rockets

Carrying capacity 1 pilot and 4 soldiers.

The Sparrow is the main scout gunship of the Human forces. It has the most advance radar detection and target designation. It is used as a scout as well as a light transport for moving small squads around tactically. Its twin Coil cannons cause havoc to armored machines and the rockets can devastate an area of 250 yd. Light weight and extremely reliable. However it isn't very heavily armored and the troops carried from the back of the craft are exposed to small arms fire.

Raven Carrier Gunship

Human Interceptor Gunship "Raven"

Top Speed: 450mph
Power plant: 2 JMD Duo system engines
Power:Weight ratio: 55hp per ton

Armament: 1XGattling Gun
14X17' Rockets
2X Air to Air "fire and forget" missiles

Capacity: 1 Pilot and 4 soldiers

The Raven is a special gunship built for the sole purpose of fitting as much fire power into the smallest air frame possible. Normally seen inside the belly of the Command Ship, Ravens are used to protect the command ship as well as providing air support to troops unloading on the ground from the ship. They can also extract soldiers. The raven has the same radar system used in the Vulture is very comparable in firepower. The armor on a Raven is much lighter.

Fortress Command Ship

Human Command Ship "Fortress"

Top Speed: 376 mph
Power Plant: 16 PPG MegaWatt engines and 1 KMP Turbojet engine

Power:Weight Ratio: 35 hp per ton

Armament: 4XGattling Guns
1X40mm Chain Guns
1X105mm High Velocity Coil Howizter

Capacity: 1 pilot, 1 copilot, 2 radar officers, 10 gunners, 2 operation officers, 1 captain, 20 troops. 3 Raven Gunships or 390 tons

The Command ship Fortress is a hybrid of a command plane, a Specter Gunship, and a C5 Galaxy. It can carry loads up to 390 tons and carries 3 gunships for support. It can loiter over the battlefield and unleash a hailstorm of lead onto the unlucky crowd below. The armor on the Fortress is almost impenetrable even to armor piercing rounds. Defensive Counter measures such as flare and laser can defend the Fortress from missiles. However, the Fortress is very slow and although it has a high top speed, its acceleration is slow.

Armory Update

I really like these designs I did for this week. I had some pretty good ideas. Now if I only did it right.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Here's some concepts i did for Art Center at Night. They are part of the Matrix universe.

Enter the Armory

Hey guys, Daniel here

Welcome to the start of the Sketch Armory. I will post up my concept designs and my military models I have been building recently. I hope you guys enjoy the pictures i post. Feel free to email me with any request. I will also be accepting request for commissions for either art or finished model works.